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What is VPN, how does it work?

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network". Install the VPN program and creates a secure and hidden connection between 2 or more devices. A standard internet connection generally uses your Internet service provider to It directs. When you use VPN, your internet traffic passes through a secure server. This means that your internet service provider cannot see your internet activity when you use a VPN and can not follow.
A good VPN service allows you to use the Internet with confidence and security and shows you blocked websites and content. You can install VPN programs on any device. Windows installed or Mac computers, ios or android installed phones or devices.

How to choose a VPN company?

There are over 300 VPN services, including Free and Paid. Each of them looks the same, promising the same features and that they will establish a secure and confidential internet connection to you say. So how do you find the best VPN service? There is a lot of articles and reviews on VPN on the internet where every sound comes out. This situation Choosing the right VPN company can be confusing. In order to choose a good VPN company, you need to evaluate the VPN companies and choose the companies that provide good services.
We established VPNSNET.com for this purpose. We have reviewed the most popular VPN companies for you and have compiled their features for you. Each review includes research, review, price comparison and speed tests about the VPN company. The most important factors we consider when evaluating VPNs are: Download and Upload speeds Privacy and Security Logging policies Torrent and Surf facilities Availability and Support And Prices

What are the advantages of using VPN?

Your IP address is hidden, your internet traffic is encrypted, navigation. You know that VPN promises privacy and security. But how does he do that? First, it hides your IP address. Thus, from what location in the world to actually access websites cannot be seen. Thanks to VPN, people can benefit from the blessings of the internet as they wish and they can enter any site. Especially repressive and censorship policies of states However, VPNs are life-saving services.

How secure is VPN?

VPNs provide a secure tunnel around your entire Internet connection, usually through the OpenVPN protocol.It happens. Not only your web browser, but all the programs, applications,connection. Many VPNs use 256-bit AES encryption. This means: Internetyour third party service provider or third party.it is impossible for them to see and learn.

Is the VPN completely legal?

Yeah. Around 97% of countries are legal to use VPNs, and in someThere are restrictions.The United Arab Emirates, China, Iran, Oman, Russia, are able to restrict VPN services in whole or in part.

Can I use VPN on Netflix, Hulu, or another site?

Yeah. You can do.With VPN, you can watch Netflix or any media system you want.You can browse freely and secretly on Wikipedia or Twitter, writing and sharing what you want.You can access all kinds of sites with VPN.

Are VPNs suitable and secure for torrent?

203/5000Yes, of course.VPNs hide your torrent programs and applications and P2P activities.However, some VPn companies do not allow torrents. This is because the copyright laws of the countriesusually.

Do VPN companies keep log records?

Almost all VPN companies say they don't keep logs, but their privacy policies andWhen we read their contracts, we can understand that they keep a partial log. But the things they recordnot what sites you visit or what you download from the Internet, but how much bandwith you spendor with which browsers you log in to.Geri bildirim gönderGeçmişKaydedilenlerTopluluk

Can VPN be installed on the modem, smart tv or game console?

Yes, you can. If your VPN company supports these devices, it can be done. If your modem supports this featureThe VPN connection to your modem will allow you to connect all VPN means you can use.

Should I use free VPN services?

We never recommend free VPN services. You know what they say. If something is free, you are the product "YOU". Free VPN services are largely unsafe. They will not sell your personal information to others, There is no guarantee that your traffic will not lead to fraudulent sites and will not harm you.

Does VPN affect internet speed?

A small amount, yes. Because ultimately your internet traffic reaches you through a longer route.But the privacy, security and freedom they offer is definitely worth it and this small reduction in speedit is usually not a source of complaint.

How much are VPN charges usually?

The fee for a good VPN can vary from $2 to $10 TL per month. Usually for more than one month, They offer nice discounts when payment is made. It is generally recommended that you do this. VPN firmware free trial or money back guarantee. So you can test VPN for freeYou will be able to.